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The Experience

Little Mozart Foundation brings the joy of music to children and families in underserved communities through educational and interactive concerts performed by exceptional musicians.


Our artists are active performers, skilled educators, and engaging creators at the top of their fields. Each performance is an experience to remember.


Little Mozart Foundation curates its unique family-focused experience to engage and interact with audiences, whether in-person or virtually. Our mission is to reach children and families that might not otherwise be exposed to high-quality live musical performance. Partners have ranged from Family Justice Centers, to Head Start programs, to Title 1 Schools, to shelters throughout NYC. We create a safe forum in which artists and audiences can connect and mutually empower one another through shared musical celebration.

In addition to large scale concerts, smaller pod experience are available as a one-off or semester long unit to meet the entire symphony!


The smiling faces, dancing bodies, and enthusiastic cheering of these audiences offer joyful confirmation of the communal well-being our concerts cultivate, and research suggests that the benefits are far-reaching: exposure to music, specifically live music, improves children’s motor skills, school readiness, reading, and social/emotional capabilities.

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More Information

Little Mozart Foundation is a registered 501c3 and donations are tax deductible.


In each concert, we like to tell a story. Each of our musical programs is built around a theme to link the repertoire together and create a unique experience.


Unique New York: Meet the violin/fiddle, ukulele, melodica, percussion and more! This unique program playfully explores Spanish and English music and song through classics, sing-alongs, and more!


Love, NYC: A concert to celebrate the sounds of NYC, music about NYC, and composers from NYC. A mix of jazz, classical, and sing-alongs, this program will engage the audience in dancing, scat-singing, and learning the differences of jazz and classical music.


Rhapsody and the Blues: Explore the difference between classical and jazz music through Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, improvised Bach, and a unique hybrid jazz/classical program.


A Jazz Story: A high energy immersive jazz experience with two-time Grammy nominated trumpeter Alphonso Horne that weaves the sound of New Orleans into a rich musical fabric that includes rags, stomps, shouts, and funk.


In New York City, 22.2% of children live in poverty - Citizens' Committee for Children


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Board Members:

Sara Leila Sherman, president

Graham Livingston, treasurer

Louise Doherty

Noria Morales

Rachel Black

Andrew Nguyen

Heidi Hayes Jacobs

Amanda Aikman

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